Wise Pick For 18 June

Steven Decker 

Inside all our outer
facades of perfection
we all are troubled
naked creatures
seeking comfort.

Chad Weaver 

on the outside,
does not guarantee
on the inside.

Er Sunita Sahoo 

I might seem sociable,
confident and extrovert
on the outside but that’s all
just a facade to disguise
the real ME, who is burdened
with responsibilities and
yearns for comfort, love and
a sense of belongingness.

Shweta Aarya 

Although we look
confident, happy, powerful
by our appearance
but somewhere inside
we all are miserable, broken.

Megan Regla Apolinar Yangson 

We build ourselves
into someone who they
thought the perfect/the ideal one
not even letting them know
how we hold our griefs inside
and still manage to keep
the courage to continue
to go through our paths.

Maritza Rodriguez 

I am present
for all to see,
hidden is
the inner me.

Maria Ferns 

The story of human,
dressed to please everyone.
Lonely within, pain, agony
and anger hidden.

Darryl Tombleson 

A struggle within of
who I am, and
who I want to be.

Rinku Shah 

The wounded
and hurt part is
crouching within me
I wish I could show
the world the real me.

Shilpika Bagh

The ‘naked truth’;
behind a ‘corporate look’.

Chad Weaver

It’s easy to fool
the outside world but
the inside world,
that’s a different story.

Sherry Greene 

In your eyes,
a handsome shell.
In my eyes,
just a private hell.

Siony Benemerito McCor 

Behind the face of
determination, are the
hidden feelings of doubts
and insecurities.


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