Wise Pick For 17 July

Chris Cooper

We empathize
by seeing ourselves
in others.

Sulekha Pande

Kindnesses is a virtue,
that mirrors your soul.

Kimberley Reynolds

Spare a thought
and a penny or two,
you could be me
and I could be you.

Donna McCarthy

We are a reflection
of everyone
who crosses our paths.

Debra Pry

The kindness you show,
reflects who you are,
your compassion,
empathy, and soul.

Keith Orton

Help those in need.
It’s a reflection
of what you could be.
Be grateful for what
you have.

Ashish Verma

Every act of kindness
reflects your
soul’s worthiness.

Ash Mullins

Try and see yourself
in their situations
because this could
have easily be you.

Gill Holden

Mirrored souls.
Be the humble, empathetic
human reflection.
Be who you might
need one day. Be kind.

Mary Kirkpatrick

Be the mirror
that reflects kindness.

Cathy Van Der Steen

We are the same
only our circumstances differ.

Sharon La Fond

Imagine yourself
in my position and
how difficult it is
to have to ask for help,
so please be kind.

Monisha Gopal

The more you put yourself
in someone else’s shoes,
the more you become
aware that we are all one.

Linda Gui

We only help others
when it means
something to us.

Sujit Das

What if you were me?

Susan Battell

If we want to change
the world we must start
with the person in the mirror.


Life can turn
in a second.
Be humble.


It doesn’t matter
until it’s you.

Annika Menon

Your perspective
changes the moment
you see yourself
in a tough spot.

Ajay R Warrier

We are all mirrors,
looking for ourselves
in others.


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