Wise Pick For 16 July

Donna McCarthy

As we get older
we reverse roles.

Rahemeen Ali Khan

Love your parents
in their old age
as they have loved you
in your childhood.

Monica Mishra

From stroller
to wheelchair,
what we need is
‘love and care’.

Shilpika Bagh

Watch your ‘steps’;
for they follow
your ‘footsteps’.

Sulekha Pande

The cycle of life,
caring is duty bound,
what goes around,
comes around.

Kris Towlerton

Teach your children
with love and respect
and they will love and
respect you forever.

Rinku Shah

Rules of life
are universal,
wait for your turn
for the role reversal.

Ashish Verma

Love is universal
during role reversal.

Ilyass El Kali

Life happens fast
our present is just
a shadow in the process,
so it would be better
if we give a meaning
to the beautiful journey.

Ina Lubbe

As adults we care
for our children,
hopefully our children
will care for us
as aged adults.

Sakina Kudrati

Life is a cycle
once your father
used to take you
in a pram and
then after some years
you will take your father
in a wheelchair.

Maria Ferns

As a child,
your parents
pushed your ride,
as they grow old,
remember to be
by their side.


And god gives you
chances to give back
for every happiness
they have endowed
upon you, all these years.


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