Wise Pick For 15 October

wise pick 18 oct1Linda Westcott
The world is suffocating
in plastic.

wise pick 18 oct2Rinku Shah
I suppose what you dispose,
will soon outlive you.
Take this as a cue.
Make Minimalism a habit,
to save the planet.

wise pick 18 oct3Rhoda Bengco Evans-Robinson
Save the earth,
recycle and reuse.
This world is our home.
Let’s take of it
so it will take care of us.

wise pick 18 oct4Cynthia Millentree
One day our
beautiful world will show
through this bag of trash,
but until then
we must help it shine
from the inside out.

wise pick 18 oct5Ashish Verma
The planet of oceans
and forests has entirely become
a place of debris.

wise pick 18 oct6Lisa Dutkiewicz
The pollution and trash
in our world is a global problem.
We need to come together
for the solution.

wise pick 18 oct7Debra Pry
The world is becoming
less and less habitable.
If you are a part of the problem,
you should be a part of the solution.

wise pick 18 oct8Shilpika Bagh
The Earth once rich with
‘natural resources’;
now being replaced
by ‘dump and waste’.

wise pick 18 oct9Gilberto Reyes
The world is being
wrapped in garbage.
Reduce, reuse and recycle.

wise pick 18 oct10Helene Leanos
The trashing of our planet
must be stopped.
Our responsibility
to future generations
is at stake.

wise pick 18 oct11Faith Dunsmuir
Plastic and trash are taking over,
there’ll so be no room
for anything else.

wise pick 18 oct12Amrita Mishra
The earth
which was once covered with
different colors of nature,
is now getting wrapped
with garbage and debris

wise pick 18 oct13Rational Akrofi Akuffo
The lives of global population
are endangered
by plastic waste.

wise pick 18 oct14Eleanor Ramos
Our Planet
in a body bag.

wise pick 18 oct15Sulekha Pande
Get rid of the plastic waste,
let the planet breathe easy.

wise pick 18 oct16Debbie Gurriere
Earth – the trash bag
of toxic wastes.

wise pick 18 oct17Nc Dash
Save this Globe from crash
by doing away with plastic trash.

wise pick 18 oct18Surya Ramachandran
Save Earth. Avoid plastics.
Let the earth breath fresh air.

wise pick 18 oct19Sarrveshwaran
Don’t let the world
become a globe of garbage.

wise pick 18 oct20Jayalakshmi Sourirajan
round the globe.

wise pick 18 oct21Shweta Yadav
Green globe or plastic lobe;
save the planet,
save ourselves.

wise pick 18 oct22Divya Jain
This is how Earth’s future be like
if we don’t stop using plastic now.
Clean Earth. Beautiful Life.

wise pick 18 oct23Heart Talk
If we did not take
some prominent steps
there’s no doubt
that this beautiful greenery world
will take the shape of plastics.

wise pick 18 oct24Ju Dith G
Save planet Earth
from becoming a
world of trash.

wise pick 18 oct25HARSHITA
‘Plasticized world’-
the unappreciated gift
of mankind.


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