Wise Pick For 15 June

Linda Patillo Reiling 

weighs you down
like an anchor.

Jedie Boy A. Cabañero 

In the sea of
deep possibilities,
you were drowning by
your own thoughts.

Ankita Sharma Purohit 

The heavy anchor
of your negative thoughts
has the power to
drown your life.
Break free
from this anchor
and swim through the
beautiful waves of life.

Shana Pascoe 

My thoughts have me
drowning in silence,
I shall speak
before I’m swept away
by the current situation.

Mary Kirkpatrick 

Levels of consciousness
are like the depths of the sea.
Our control of life
is a matter of degree.

Damian Hunter Conn 

we have to dive deep
to silence our thoughts.

Rinku Shah 

Turned upside down,
overthinking made me drown.
Choose to dive in
look for the answers within.

Äñîtå Sãhóø 

Absorbed in your thoughts,
being oblivion of your world,
sinking deeper & deeper,
you seek shelter
but you find nowhere to go.

Ashish Verma 

I never knew
the burden of my thoughts
will take me down quietly
to such an unfathomable scale
that it would be impossible
to float back to life again.

Kangan Monga 

Our thoughts and
imagination can become
as deep as the ocean floors.
The world of imagination is
beyond end so dive in
and explore.

Shilpika Bagh 

Your thoughts
weigh you ‘down’;
be mindful
before you ‘drown’.

Susan Fair Arakelian 

Sometimes you need
to hit bottom before
you can begin to
turn your life around,
then you can go higher
and higher until you
reach the top of your goals.

Irma Jansen

The weight of my thinking
has got me sinking.
Deep down to the bottom
of my soul, where devil fish
invite me to rock & roll.

Heidi Joy Capuli Marquez 

Think simple.
the more you put a depth
on a thought might drown you.
Thinking wise is way better
than thinking smart.

Arlyn Valencia Gavilangoso 

No one can drown yourself
except your own thoughts.

Jodi Franzyn Carzano 

The deeper you go
the more it gets you.

Kim DeCocco-Sharon 

Don’t drown yourself
in empty thoughts;
for the mind
is your gift to share,
not your anchor.

Sulekha Pande 

Go deeper
in your thoughts,
to find the
pearls of wisdom.

Ian Moe 

in the burden
of my thoughts.


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