Wise Pick For 15 July

Ambika Arora Tiwari

Principles of life
are best tested in
times of adversity.

Ashish Verma

Stuck between
necessity and morality.

Sulekha Pande

When temptation is strong,
we might choose the wrong.

Mai Quesada

At my old age,
resistance to temptation
I have mastered.
Honesty and integrity
are my strength.

Onitnelot Adasude Raseac Leor

We lose interest
in our pursuit of wealth,
once we realize
we have been
throwing our health.

Lisa Viola-Trosclair

I will not let money
rule my life another day
no matter how great
the temptation,
I am stronger
than my desires.

Enaohj Anaisur

You’re busy saving money
for emergency,
in return you ended up
sad and lonely because
you miss to become happy
while saving that money.

Frances McCabe

I may be homeless and
broke but I’d rather keep
my honesty and integrity
before taking something
that does not belong to me.

Byanjeru Sharon

The only barrier between
you and prosperity
is your mind set.

Tina Bell

Knowing what you need
and being brave enough
to do what it takes to get it
are two separate things.

Rinku Shah
If you give in
to the temptation,
you’re inviting
unsolicited attention.

Tasneem Aburaiya

When your principles
make you crumble.


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