Wise Pick For 14 September

wise pick 17sep1Felicia Renteria-Holmes
Even when
all of our brightness is gone,
I will still be here holding on.

wise pick 17sep2Mai Quesada
hand in hand,
through our twilight years,
we are on our life’s journey,
till the ends of the earth.

wise pick 17sep3Abhijit Mondal
True love is facing
the scorching sun
and walking through
the hot sand together,
no matter what it takes
I will be with you,
my love.

wise pick 17sep4Shilpika Bagh
A “match” of its kind;
“sticks” together
in hard times.

wise pick 17sep5Sherry Greene
When we’re old, dear,
And life has burned us out,
will you still hold my hand
and walk with me
until it’s time to go?
I will, for you.

wise pick 17sep6Tina Moscato
We shall walk together
through all the moments
that life presents to us
forever and always.

wise pick 17sep7Rinku Shah
Right into the sunset of life,
We’ve seen many a strife.
Together mile after mile,
With you by my side,
it was all worthwhile.

wise pick 17sep8Marjie Yule Davitt
Profound love has no end
as long as we’re together.
Hand in hand
we are bound
like every journey before.

wise pick 17sep9Rush Rush
The essence of true love,
is when two people
stay together
until their last breath.

wise pick 17sep10Sayeeda Pearl
Flame of commitment
is what keeps you going
through the sunset years of life.

wise pick 17sep11Lisa Dutkiewicz
hand in hand,
we shall cross through
the barren land
to see the sunrise again and again.

wise pick 17sep12Nanette Bourne
Don’t walk in my shadow,
hold my hand tightly
and let’s cast one together.

wise pick 17sep13Siony Benemerito McCor
Life was once
ablaze in flames,
Survives by love,
hope, and strength,
we’re now old and frail,
burning daylight
on a sunset’s trail.

wise pick 17sep14Dianne Selenite
Spend time
with the person you love.
Time cannot turn back.
Delete, hide or report this
Debra Martin
Endurance together.
We have persevered together.
We stand together.

wise pick 17sep16Prerna Chopra
Burdened by life,
but finding solace
and happiness in togetherness.

wise pick 17sep17Avinash
Burning through life,
I will walk by your side.
That’s a promise
that will go for life.

wise pick 17sep18Karan Kunwar Singh Bimrah
Together we move
on the road of life
no matter
how many hurdles burn us.

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