Wise Pick For 14 July

Ashish Verma

When mind fights
to keep us apart,
heart struggles
for a fresh start.

Marie Miller-Ethridge

Our heart patiently waits
on our mind to use it’s
vision to see and feel
that which the mind
is unable to perceive.

Rinku Shah

Hearts want to hold
and the mind is cold.
Just move in closer.
Enough of this cold shoulder.

Kathy Labossiere

No resolutions
can be made when
we have inner struggles
with our hearts and minds.


Stuck between
staying apart and
loving heart.

Ina Lubbe

The ego wants
to be right at all cost,
whereas the heart
just wants to be held,
embraced and loved.

Susitina Solo

Our hearts are
trying to bind together
but our minds want us
to figure out
what’s more important,
you or me?

Monica Mishra

The battle between
our minds separate us,
even though our hearts
want to cling to each other.

Sherry Greene

Our battle is between
our hearts and minds.

Shilpika Bagh

In this mind ‘struggle’;
the heart ‘suffers’.

Shweta Yadav

Thoughts clashed
but hearts attached,
unite before ego smash.


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