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Wise picks for ‘Caption This’ image Published on 14 December. Click to read more selected captions submitted by our readers.

Ilda Coelho
If you don’t shift your thoughts,
you will never move forward

Jackie Zedalis

Reverse negative thoughts
and shift into a positive mindset.

Sherry Greene

Thinking in reverse
Can be quite perverse.

Julia Rick Hoffmann

Trapped in the past.

Sheri L. Ringpfiel

I carry the burden of my past.

Ashish Verma

You are solely responsible
of positioning your life.
Be mindful of shifting gears.

Helene Leanos

Aging is the process
of continuously reviewing our past choices.
Thus allowing us to keep growing.

Jim Norris

Some people are stuck in neutral,
and some keep going backwards.
The goal in life is, keep going forward

Subhashish Mund

Sometimes you have to put
a reverse gear to the thought
that might lead you to disaster.

Imelda R. Garcia

Get out of reliving your past
and shift into a better future.

Sizwe Erasmus Mkhize

When the end has come,
all we wish is to reverse to the beginning.

Linda Mansolf

Be ready to change gears
as you age…

Rinku Shah

If you stay stuck in the reverse gear,
And live in fear.
Shift it one two three…
And see what life has to offer thee!

Armando Dasigo Baria

Sometimes we have to step back
in order to move forward.

Shana Pascoe
Older memories play in reverse.

Faith Dunsmuir

By focusing on your past
you lose your drive in life.

Eliza Smith

The only reverse gear available
is through our memories.
So memories can be as precious as time.


Sometimes you have to reverse
to see the future clearly

diya soni

Don’t forget
that you’re the driver
of your own mindset
towards your life

Kerri Sheppard
Don’t let your thoughts
keep you in the past

Karmao Dee

Our life is
what our thoughts make of it!

JoeAnn Palmisano Townsend

Are You Stuck In Reverse?


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