Wise Pick For 13 July

Sulekha Pande

Learn to read the warning signs,
red flags come in various
shapes and designs.

Jessica Ann Cara

Beware of the red flag
though offered humbly.

Sonia Zocchi-Dommann

Love has to last longer
than the roses and survive
all the pitfalls of life.

Marie Miller-Ethridge

In love, we only see
what we want to see.
The elements of danger
are often blinded by the
pretentious grand gestures
of love.

Maria Ferns

Roses replaced to a notification,
unable to breathe in suffocation.
For you, it was a game,
for me, death of my imagination.

Sulekha Pande

Be careful before you
accept his request,
you might be his
next conquest.

Ashish Verma

This relationship is going
to cost you your mental health.

Karen Williams

It’s easy to ignore a
dozen red flags
when our vision and heart
is obscured by the
only thing that
makes us feel alive.

Kim DeCocco-Sharon

Don’t dismiss
those red flags my dear,
for roses they will never be.

Cathy Chase

Your many red flags
prevents my hands
from holding yours.

Siony Benemerito McCor

Love is blind,
Can’t see the
warning signs.

Rudy Scala

No matter
how he may appear,
red flags is a
sign to beware.


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