Wise Pick For 13 August

Debra Ann Del Sardo

Anchored down
with weighing thoughts.

Annette Hawkins

we have the weight
of the world on our mind,
but the anchor holds.

Alan Scott

Not allowing your mind
the freedom of
diverse thoughts
anchors your ability
to grow intellectually.

Stephane Achille

I symbolically use
as many anchors as
to stop my raising thoughts.

Keith Orton

Your thoughts are what
weigh you down the most.
Cut the ropes and drop the anchors.

Sarah Fearn

The power of the mind
is our greatest tool,
take anchors off,
set your mind free
from all that is heavy
and that weighs you down.

Tania Santiago Gonzalez

Anchoring your mind
may weigh you down and
will not let you see the
horizon and the world
with a different perspective.

Anuj Sharma

When the mind
weighs you too much,
time to cut the ties.

Medicus Ursa

Your heaviest thoughts
are anchors
weighing you down.
Cut the ropes
to free yourself.

Ibe Omanu

We anchor
our thinking down
with ourselves.

Helene Heleen Helene

The anchors of life
weighing you down.

Debbie Gurriere

Heavy thoughts
weigh your mind
like an anchor.

Jocelyn Luck

Don’t let your thoughts
weigh you down.

April Gorrill

Your own thoughts
will weigh you down.

Debbie Tomecko Dubord

Too much in your head
can weigh you down.

Nicqelle L Hessick

The thoughts in your mind
will act
as anchors of your life.


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