Wise Pick For 12 August

Ammey Zeu Lim

Knowledge from book
is the binocular
of the world.

Sulekha Pande

View the world
through a book,
reach out to every
corner and nook.

Daisy Barcelona Galido

You can gain
more knowledge
through books and
see the beauty in it
if we learn to appreciate
the value it gave us.

Lisa Dutkiewicz

See as far as you can,
dear child,
through the words of a book.
A book can
open a world
to many possibilities.

Rick Springsteen

The best vision
comes from education.

Ishu Aashish Garg

Books provide the vision
to see the world
that is far away from us.

Deborah Taylor

A book is a picture
of a story that existed
in someone’s life.
Whether real ,fiction, fact
or fun once the book is read,
it becomes a picture.

Annette Hawkins

Your imagination
can travel far
when you read
a good book.

Felicia Renteria-Holmes

Our eyes may see
surroundings and light,
but books give us
the gift of insight.

Nc Dash

Book is the
child’s companion
to see the universe through.

Nilza Johnson

A book is a door
that only leads to

Laira Margen

A book can be
your window
to the world.


His book is the lens
through which
he sees the world.


Books are the
binoculars of imagination.

Eugenia M

Books let you
see the world.


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