Wise Pick For 11 March

Wise Pick 14 March

Wise picks for ‘Caption This’ image Published on 11 March. Click to read more selected captions submitted by our readers.

Wise Pick 14 March 1
Joe Rodgers

It is amazing how much time
I spend lost in my thoughts.

Wise Pick 14 March 2
Sulekha Pande

Take a walk in your mind,
In the labyrinthine puzzles,
You’ll unravel secrets,
one of a kind.

Wise Pick 14 March 3
Sherry Greene

My thoughts are a maze of memories,
and lost within it, my darling, is you.

Wise Pick 14 March 4
Beena Baburajan

The mind’s journey in a self-made maze!
From confusion to clarity simply amaze!

Wise Pick 14 March 5
Leonie Fouché

Guard against losing yourself
in the maze of overthinking.

Wise Pick 14 March 6
Charl Lacorte

The puzzle of your life is determined
by the power of your mind.

Wise Pick 14 March 7
Wayne Kelley

Your mind can be a maze of thoughts,
focus to find the right path.

Wise Pick 14 March 8
Anjana Surendran

Ones in a while introspecting in silence
to come out of the maze inside set in by haze.

Wise Pick 14 March 9
Payal Kantharia

You wander in my mind all day and
night like a ball does in the maze to find it’s way right!!

Wise Pick 14 March 10
Sarabjit Kaur

Man is a prisoner of his own thoughts.

Wise Pick 14 March 11
Darshan Marlecha

Brain is like a zigzag puzzle,
fix right live right.

Wise Pick 14 March 12
Lisa Crosaro Duggar

Go deep to the inner recess of peace,
let the trivial go

Wise Pick 14 March 13
Brooke Guidry

The Labyrinth of thine own making.

Wise Pick 14 March 14
Rational Akrofi Akuffo

The mind is a maze with
so much yet to be discovered.

Wise Pick 14 March 15
Nancy Cassano

We are the creators of our mindless maze

Wise Pick 14 March 16
Pamela Church

I walk through the labyrinth of my
mind searching for my path to peace.

Wise Pick 14 March 17
Amrita Lahiri Bhattacharya

Brain is a maze of thoughts!
Don’t get lost! Find your own path.

Wise Pick 14 March 18
Delmis Consuelo

Steps to the Conscious
lost to the unconscious.

Wise Pick 14 March 19
Rebecca Mistich Covell

Your mind is like a puzzle
of thoughts keep the mind open!

Wise Pick 14 March 20
Kamlesh Bhasin

Wandering in intricate
paths of bewildered mind..!

Wise Pick 14 March 21
Jacqueline G

Help! Get me out of the thoughts
that have me lost in my mind maze.

Wise Pick 14 March 22
Julia Josaphat

Lost in mind maze,
trying to find the way out to ease my mind.

Wise Pick 14 March 23
Natalie Le Roux

In a maze, you try to find your way out.
In a labyrinth, you try to find yourself.
You choose what you want from life.

Wise Pick 14 March 24
Harsha Neelgund

Still finding a way to reach the CORE
a lot of me, yet to DISCOVER!!!



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