Wise Pick For 11 August

Charlene Roberts

Held captive
by my own heart.

Annette Hawkins

Don’t become
a prisoner
of your own heart.

Debbie Gurriere

Don’t get
too wrapped up
in the things
that tug at your heart.

Faith Dunsmuir

Captive to my
own feelings and desires,
to a heart
that won’t let me
be free.

Fiera Mae Castillon

We’re all held captive
by the power our hearts
to choose what to do and
whom to love.

Susan Fair Arakelian

Don’t let the heart strings
keep you a prisoner,
love should be given freely
and with no strings.

Felicia Renteria-Holmes

the larger the heart,
the more likely you are
to become a prisoner to it.

Imelda R. Garcia

My heart
held me captive
when I should have left
to save myself.

Shannon Jones

To love or not to love
it’s not a choice
tied to a heart
even when it hurts you.

Patricia Tiu Monasterio

Heart and soul binded by love
conquering the
beautiful struggle of life.

Kathy Labossiere

Emotionally unavailable
due to the constraints
that hold your heart hostage.


We are all slaves
to our hearts.


Chained to a heart
that I don’t own.


A love
that chains your spirit
is not love.


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