Wise Pick For 10 November

wise pick 13nov

Human and technology,
recharging for the next day.

Sulekha Pande
Disconnected to nature,
I try to recharge my life
with artificial charger.

Divya Ananthram
A thousand blue lights
from all the gadgets in my room.
But nothing shone as
bright and sweet as you,
my calming moon.

Linda Mansolf
We need to
unplug our minds at night
but plug in our technical gadgets
so that
we’ll all function the next day.

Dianna Jacobs
The major connection in life now
that humans and technology
have in common;
is the need to be recharged.

Lynn Laveau Lund
Restful sleep.
The perfect escape
from this thing called ‘life’.

Ashish Verma
Today’s generation
runs solely on technology.
When gadgets’ power drains,
peaceful sleep a mind gains.

Chinhita Bose
In today ‘s world
technology is the bliss.
Let nature go amiss.

Shilpika Bagh
Just as ‘plug in’
recharges the device;
a good ‘night sleep’
recharges the mind.

Phyllis Snider Boyer
It takes more than sleep
to recharge your life.

Rational Akrofi Akuffo
Individuals of today
only recharge themselves
when their gadgets needs
recharging as well.

Maureen Figueroa
Seeking relaxation
while bathing in radiation.

Nc Dash
Charging gadgets
discharges your mind.

Lily Harket
Charging self and gadgets
to use energy tomorrow.

Rahul Shankar
The recharging electronic life
of a normal human.

Maria Ferns
Dozed with the moonlight,
once the gadgets died of their light.
Recharging yourself is vital,
to rejuvenate your soul.

L Abigail Chua
Power down
to power up.

Debra Rollaine
Complete plugged in,
but totally tuned out.

Archisha Bhadauria
Disconnect from virtual world
and recharge yourself.

Shahzina Shafi
Real peace
lies in natural phenomenons,
not in electronics.

EdTan Keyworth
If only we recharged ourselves
as religiously
as we charge our devices.
How powerful
would we be fully charged?

Vidhi Shah
Like other electronic devices
need charging to work.
Our body and mind
need sleep to be charged.
So don’t give up on sleeping.

Even the quality sleep
is not qualitative today,
as the hours are being
shared by the gadgets.

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