Wise Pick For 10 July

Wise Pick 10 July1

Kate Kidd

Choose your
words wisely
that you don’t
become a prisoner
to them.

Wise Pick 10 July2

Sulekha Pande

We are bound
by the promises
we make,
we’re chained
to the words we utter,

Wise Pick 10 July3

Roohi Mohiuddin

Our commitments
sometimes become
chains that keep us
bound forever.

Wise Pick 10 July4

Ashish Verma

The burden of my
unfulfilled words
have chained me for life.

Wise Pick 10 July5

Ibe Omanu

Sometimes our
tongue chain us
from moving towards
of success/helper.

Wise Pick 10 July6

Sarita Khullar

My thought and
my words have
become an obstacle
to my progress.

Wise Pick 10 July7

Rolando Toquero

We are prisoners of
our own promises.

Wise Pick 10 July8

Karen Williams

Don’t become
a prisoner of your
own thoughts.
Your voice will
always deserve
to be heard.

Wise Pick 10 July9

Shilpika Bagh

Don’t let those words
hold ‘you back’;
from doing ‘your best’.

Wise Pick 10 July10

Sherilyn Campbell

You can be
trapped in your words;
choose them carefully.

Wise Pick 10 July11

Jackie McBilello

Words if not
wielded wisely
can become the
very tools of your

Wise Pick 10 July12

Crista Winterkorn

Your words can
become your chain
that weighs you down.

Wise Pick 10 July13

Bob Dee

Your words are
your ball and chain,
shackling you to yourself.

Wise Pick 10 July14

Debra Pry

The words you say,
are the chains that stay.

Wise Pick 10 July15

Ilyass El Kali

Our promises
make us prisoners.

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