Wise Pick For 10 August

Chris Cooper

The darkness of man
from a tortured mind.

Sulekha Pande

I am daunted by my own
fears and insecurities,
I can’t even get up,
and look at my possibilities.

Shilpika Bagh

Your strength ‘lies’ in ;
overcoming the ‘fears’
in your head.

Madhavrao Sanap

The fears in the head
are more dangerous
than the actually existing fears
around us.

Rational Akrofi Akuffo

Adopting a mindset,
regardless of circumstances,
is the determining factor
between lightning up or
dimming your vision in life.

Donna McCarthy

can be crippling.

Debra Pry

There’s no fear,
like the fear we create
in our own mind.

Christian Dial

Being trap into your
own fear and expectation.

Pauline Ebijimi

There is a demon
living in everyone of us.
We should not let it
get the best out of us.

Sayeeda Pearl

Unwanted thoughts
brings out a tortured mind.

Anju Tauckoor

Your thoughts make you
who you are.

Lyndee Santistevan-Parmeter

When your mind becomes
a place of torment
you can’t escape.

Ms. khim

of your own thoughts.

Subhawana Sharma

When you become
a mental slave.

Sania Ansari

Everything turn darker
when brain rule
over inner peace.

Geetika Panwar

Real self is imprisoned
in one’s own head.


When negative thoughts
overpower you.


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