Wise Pick For 1 June

Shilpika Bagh 

The past ‘blinds’ the present;
and what the future ‘holds’.

Frances McCabe 

The past and it’s mistakes
was just a learning experience.
Let it go. Live in the present and
all it has to offer. Hope for the future
it is not promised to any of us.

Rudy Scala 

The weight of the past,
keeps us from
enjoying the present,
as the future pulls us forward.

Anuradha Rajagopal 

Never let the negativity
of the past cling on to you
so much that you fear the future.
Instead, remember pleasant
memories of the past to live a
positive present and move
towards a bright future.

Wayne Kelley

Do not allow your past to
stop you from enjoying the
present and looking forward
to your future.

Debby Davison 

My future is hidden. I’m trying to
hold on to the present, but I would
really love to live in the past.

Anshu Gupta 

Past and future never
lets you in present.

DeAnne Bateson 

Let go of the past, don’t grip too
tight to the present,
while having faith in the future.

Nicki Jepson 

The past weighs heavy and
restricts you from seeing either
the possibilities of your future or
the happiness in your present.

Nina Carr 

When allowed
your past can blind you
to the present and prevent
you from looking forward
to the future.

Laura Smith 

Don’t let your past experiences
and worries about the future.
Cloud your vision, they can make
you blind to your present blessings
and possible opportunities
change your perspective.

Rinku Shah 

Pulled into the uncertain future,
still carrying the burden of the past,
I pushed my present aside.
Wish the right thing was easy to decide.

Beena Baburajan 

Blinded and burdened by the
past you are being led into a
non- existent future at the cost
of your precious present moments.

Kangan Monga 

When unpleasant past
surrounds your mind, it blinds
you to see your present and future.

Shweta Aarya 

Our past experiences have
closed our eyes and we are
moving towards our future
while ignoring our present
opportunities. Time that once
passed never come back.
One should live it to the fullest
before it becomes past.

Cynthia Priol Oñedo 

Often times we are burdened
and blinded by our past,
carried away by what our future
will be that we neglect the present.

Donna McCarthy 

Don’t let the past blind you.
Live in the present and don’t
reach for the future because
you will miss the now.

Basudev Chakrabarty 

Past is our burden,
future is a drag.
Being with the present
is a right thing for us to brag.

Jackie De Klerk 

Whilst the present is begging,
the past blinding you and
the future pulling you.
You are not living but
just surviving day by day.

Belinda Stott 

Hanging onto the past blinds
you from enjoying your present
and dreaming for your future.

Parul Govil Chatterjee

Past riding
Present hiding
Future gliding
And I will be regretting.


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