Wise Pick For 1 February


Wise Pick For 1 February

Wise picks for ‘Caption This’ image Published on 1 February. Click to read more selected captions submitted by our readers.

Wise Pick For 1 FebruarySulekha Pande
Lost in the clouds of
mindless conversations.

Wise Pick For 1 FebruarySherry Greene

Social media overload.

Wise Pick For 1 FebruaryRinku Shah

If your mind is clouded.
Remember to stay grounded.
It’s mindless chatter,
Most of it doesn’t matter!

Wise Pick For 1 FebruarySarita Khullar

I had so much to say to you,
but you never listened.

Wise Pick For 1 FebruaryShilpika Bagh

“Drowned” in conversations;
“shadowing” his loneliness.

Wise Pick For 1 FebruaryKarl Edwards

Digital smog so thick
the real world is not visible.

Wise Pick For 1 FebruaryVyvienne Chamberlain

Addiction to social media
keeps your head
in the clouds of unreality.

Wise Pick For 1 FebruarySheena Gupta

Too much information
clouds the mind.

Wise Pick For 1 FebruaryDannielle Roberts

Too many worthless conversations
in my head

Wise Pick For 1 FebruarySonali Ray

When the dictating arms of technology
clamp the mind of an able man.

Wise Pick For 1 FebruaryRational Akrofi Akuffo

Don’t allow mindless conversations
to cloud your vision.

Wise Pick For 1 FebruaryShilpika Bagh

I am on “cloud nine”;
when I “am online”

Wise Pick For 1 FebruaryBeena Baburajan

Do not lose your head in the clouds.
Amidst a clutter of chatter.
Seek to set your vision…
Only on those that matter.

Wise Pick For 1 FebruarySusan Fair Arakelian

Your mind is not a computer,
slow down and enjoy one day at a time

Wise Pick For 1 FebruaryAshish Verma

Technology has blurred
the vision of humans.

Wise Pick For 1 FebruaryGina Marino-Vitiello

Don’t wait for the three dots
to tell you how you feel.
Speak for yourself
before you lose the chance.

Wise Pick For 1 FebruaryPayal Monga

Don’t let the clouds of virtual opinions
cloud your real conscious!

Wise Pick For 1 FebruaryPhyllis Snider Boyer

Too much media
can cause a cloud of confusion.

Wise Pick For 1 FebruaryAmrita Raj

Too much social media
can clutter your thoughts
and leave you confused.

Wise Pick For 1 FebruaryPriya Washikar

Clouded minds and foggy brains.
Thunderstruck by ‘Thumb’ storm..?!

Wise Pick For 1 FebruaryJacqueline G

My mind cannot disconnect
from the noise of my phone!

Wise Pick For 1 FebruaryNote Pad Coaching

Everyone has something to say,
and I can’t hear myself.

Wise Pick For 1 FebruaryNeha

Don’t live your life on other’s comment.
You are originally unique.

Wise Pick For 1 FebruaryJoye Marie Tankersley

by the voices of technology

Wise Pick For 1 FebruaryKelly Fuller
Be the message
you want to send and receive

Wise Pick For 1 FebruarySudesh Bhattarai
Don’t let the voices in your head
be of others.


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