Pros and Cons of Using a Mail Order Pharmacy

mail order pharmacies


Here is everything you need to consider before using a mail-order pharmacy.

If you take prescription drugs, you’re not alone.

Over half of all Americans regularly take prescription drugs. While a vast majority of people are getting their prescriptions from local pharmacies, a small number of people are getting their drugs online – with that number likely to increase.

With the online shopping industry booming, you may be wondering if taking your prescriptions to the internet is a good idea.

While there are some concerns, there are also many benefits of using a mail-order pharmacy. Read on to see if switching to an online pharmacy would be right for you.


1. Pro – Your Perscription Comes Right to Your Door
Con – It can Take Longer to get Your Perscription

The big difference between a local pharmacy and a mail-order pharmacy is how you get your prescription in your hands. While a local pharmacy requires you to come in to pick up your drugs, an online pharmacy will ship them straight to you.

This makes mail-order pharmacies perfect for anyone with limited time or transportation. However, the trade-off here is the time it takes the pharmacy to receive and ship your order.

The shipping time can be an issue if you need your prescription immediately.

Still, there is a way around this in some cases. For recurring prescriptions, you can work with the mail-order pharmacy to send the next prescription early so it arrives by the time your last prescription runs out.
This way you can keep the convenience of shipping without worrying as much about the wait time.


2. Pro – There is More Privacy
Con – Communication can be More Difficult

Because of their online setup, mail-order pharmacies don’t provide any face-to-face interactions between you and a pharmacist. This makes asking questions difficult, as you’ll need to call or email the pharmacy for any additional information.

However, there are two important notes about this.

First, you may already find yourself calling your local pharmacy when you have questions. If that’s the case, then you may not feel much of a difference in switching to an online pharmacy.

The second point is that a lack of in-person contact allows for more privacy. If you’re dealing with a more personal issue like erectile dysfunction, you may not want to have a face-to-face interaction with a pharmacist.
By obtaining your prescription online, you can skip any awkward encounters while getting what you need.


3. Pro – Prices can be Cheaper
Con – It can be Difficult to Find a Reliable Online Pharmacy

Depending on the drugs you’re looking for, you can actually save money by using an online pharmacy. While there is an additional cost with shipping, the savings can mitigate that extra cost.
This can feel a little too good to be true, and in some cases it is. It can be difficult to find reliable online pharmacies that can get you your prescriptions without breaking any laws.

While reliability isn’t always easy to find, mail-order pharmacies like Quality Prescription Drugs can be counted on to get you what you need on time.

So Should You Use a Mail-Order Pharmacy?

If you need an important prescription immediately, then a mail-order pharmacy may not be the best choice for you.
However, in many cases, the pros of an online pharmacy far outweigh the cons. You should consult your doctor, but if you both agree that a mail-order pharmacy will work, then it’s time to make the switch.

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