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“No Expectations : No Disappointments” – Mind Talk

"No Expectations : No Disappointments" - Mind Talk

“Ask no questions ; and you’ll be told no lies. “

Don’t we all have expectations? Of course, we have and it’s quite normal, but we often get down in the dumps, when not being met with these covet expectations.
Often we tend to believe that we treat others, will be the way we are regarded in return ; but that’s not always plausible.

Nurturing realistic expectations and thereafter being not met, only allows us to recognize unrealistic flaws and imperfections each and everyone has.

All we need to learn to take our own responsibility for our own lives,our own decisions, our own self ; before we can expect others to do the same.

Our unrealistic expectations will, can, and most often do lead to dismay and regrets. We get so obsessed with finding so- called ‘ Perfect’ things, making us more of ” Displeased Zombies” rather than ” Perfectionists”; and when all doesn’t pan out, it gets frustrating and disheartening… A total Paradoxical Chaos.

The most calamitous pitfall of having high expectations is that we debar ourselves from enjoying the experience, the motive altogether.

Keeping unrealistic notions, one end up with hurt, disappointment and mental agony.
But isn’t it inherently biased to have these people on such a pedestal??

It’s only “You” who has to call the shots, who has to self- imbibe the ground realities, which will help you nail down ‘ what’s expected of others’ .

Don’t ever let life throw on you a curve ball!!
Expect less and don’t let aspirations fly so high that they become unreachable.

Remember: “Acceptance is an amazing key for Happiness.”!!

Written by Monika Ajay Kaul

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