The Best Time To Get Married For Each Zodiac Sign



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The commitment-phobic one you are, you need time to think about getting married. Yes, we all understand how difficult it is to decide on that one single person with whom you have to spend the rest of your life with. Try exploring the world. You need to come out of your shell sometimes. The ideal time for you to get married is your early 30s.



You have been in love since you entered adolescent. You are romantic. Marriage is something very special to you and you are clever enough to figure out the person with whom you want to spend your life with. You can easily take the decision to get married at a young age. The early 20s is the ideal time for you to get married.



Again a commitment-phobic sign! But relax. Nobody told you to hurry. You have your whole life to decide. No matter how much you hate commitment, you do know that marriages really work out. So, take your time and get married when you are in your 40s.



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The fish doesn’t like to be a loner. Not all love the loneliness. So what’s the solution? Find the right person and convince your partner to get married. Now you two live happily ever after. The best time for you to get married in the early 20s.

So, when’s your Big Day?

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The Best Time To Get Married For Each Zodiac Sign

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