And With Her Pain, Came The Most Beautiful Music

And with her pain, Came the most beautiful music.
Julia Yax


And with her pain,
came the most beautiful music.


Sulekha Pande


My music comes from my soul,
I smile and play the notes,
the world sees the smile,
the world sees the magic,
what nobody sees,
is the bleeding heart,
the tortured mind,
and my restless soul.


Lori Ann Cieslinski


The tune to which I loved him, 
was my most elaborate method
 of self-harm. 


Maybe if we listen
to the music of a broken heart,
we will come to know why pain and art
can’t be pulled apart.


Rajeev K Singh


The tune comes direct from heart,
No matter its long or short.
Let the music grow with pain,
Make me feel content in the way.


Ramya Raghuraman


The best of music
is born from pain


Noor Fatima


Words hit her so hard,
like it’s penetrated directly through her heart,
like an arrow
that tore it apart
BUT. .
She took out all the blood-stained words,
to wrote a lyric
Of a song full of mystical music
That soothe her
Because she is a self- healer!


Crystal Bowley


Strumming the strings of love 
while your pain pierces my heart,
I long to heal and become whole again, 
as I continue to fall apart.
Ange Le


When your heart is broken
and your soul is in pain,
sing with it and play in harmony
to ease your sorrow away.


Richa Lal


I changed my pain into music
my hurts into melody.
Yarell Lucio


She seeks comfort
through her pain.

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