9 Signs A Certain Someone Is Thinking of You

Although telepathic experience can be extremely exhausting, the connection can be astonishingly fascinating and creative. Do the best out of this situation.

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9. Receiving distant dreams

Sending distant dreams is a subtler form of telepathy that we will discuss in a future article.

Dreaming of someone’s acts and emotions suggests that this person spends much time thinking of you. Her or his thoughts are so penetrating that he/she can get into your unconscious desires, wishes, and wants. This can be either intimidating or beguiling, depending on the way you regard this certain someone.

Observing the signs will help you recognize that someone’s energy is directed towards you either in a positive or negative way. Surely, you should be careful to avoid any self-fulfilling prophecy. These means don’t see signs where they are not just because you want someone to be thinking of you. Similarly, pay heed to the appropriate and repeatedly appearing signs.


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9 Signs A Certain Someone Is Thinking of You

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