Your passionate and bold attitude drives your behavior in love, and you never shy away from expressing your feelings to your loved one.

Your slow yet steady moves make you a patient lover who works hard to build a stable relationship and a comfortable life with your partner.


Engaging and stimulating back and forth communication is a must to keep you interested in your relationship.


You are attuned to your partner's feelings, and your caring nature makes you form an emotional connection with them.


Your partner needs to give you a lot of attention and affection with intense passion if they want to keep you in their life.


You don't express much, but with attention to detail, you work hard to make your partner feel safe and comfortable in your relationship.


You can compromise during any conflict with your partner if that brings peace and harmony to the relationship.


You are attracted to the dark side of your partner, but you open up and show them your vulnerabilities only after they've won your trust.


You need a partner who will trust you and let you fly high, secure in the knowledge that you'll always come back to them.


You prefer action over words and thus show your partner how much they mean to you by taking care of their comfort and security.


You need a partner who will not only impress you with their knowledge and talents, but also bring out the romantic in you.


You tend to get your feelings hurt quite often, and that's why you need a partner who will understand your soft nature and be careful with your heart.