Infatuation and Obsession

Your world revolves around them, and you are willing to sacrifice all your other plans.

Heightened physical and emotional attraction

You may experience intense chemistry, increased sexual energy, and a deeper emotional connection.

Neglecting other aspects of life

You often become deeply absorbed in your new relationship, leading to a temporary neglect of other aspects of life.

Idealizing your partner

Idealizing your partner, perceiving them as flawless and placing them on a pedestal.

Intense focus and preoccupation

You may find yourself constantly daydreaming about them, replaying conversations in your mind.

Heightened emotional sensitivity

You may find yourself feeling emotions more intensely, whether it’s joy, excitement, or even nervousness.

Increased physical affection

The desire for closeness and physical connection is heightened. 

Constant communication

You eagerly share every detail of your day and crave the same from your partner.

Loss of objectivity

You may idealize them, perceiving them as perfect and overlooking any red flags that might be present.

Neglecting self-care

You may prioritize spending time with your partner over getting enough sleep, maintaining a healthy diet.

Neglecting personal boundaries

The strong emotional and physical connection can make you feel comfortable and trusting with your partner early on.