They’ll never actually want to hurt you by telling others something you’ve told them in confidence. But, they were just born without the ability to check themselves in these situations.

For a Taurus, a secret is a secret. They don’t believe in the fact that secrets that aren’t their own should be revealed to others under any circumstances.

What you need to know is that Gemini really, really, REALLY, wants to keep your confidence. And what you must never forget is that they are completely incapable of doing so.

Cancer is the quintessential mom friend who always knows when you’re feeling down and are in need of someone! But, Cancer is still not good at keeping secrets.

If Leos ever find themselves in a situation where someone is trying to goad them into telling a secret, they’ll jump through hoops to avoid being in that spot. Once Leo gives their word, they’ll never break it.

Virgos have no problems in keeping secrets. The only question here is whether you’d like them to hang on to you and constantly give you advice.

You can let them tell one other person or you can let them reveal the secret after a certain point. Funnily enough, you can trust them to keep your biggest secrets.

Telling a Scorpio a secret is both a good and a bad thing. They are excellent at keeping secrets but they’re not above using that knowledge to take advantage of you.

Much like an Aries, they simply cannot control themselves once they open their mouth. As far as friends go, they’re not bad. But please do yourself a favor and do not trust other people to keep your secrets for you.

Disciplined, loyal, and known for their ability to stay discreet, a Capricorn will never reveal your secrets. They abhor gossip and petty conversations and they’ll do their best to remove themselves from such situations.

They’ll suddenly remember the information alone and blurt it out without thinking about whether they should or shouldn’t. 

Their inherent kindness ensures that they never wish to cause any pain by spilling confidential information. If someone directly asks a Pisces about a secret, they’ll simply pretend that they have no idea what that person is talking about.