Aries are not really sure of how they would act in front of the person they hate, so they try to avoid them.


Taureans don’t trust themselves to not get emotional in front of the person they hate, so they opt to straight-up ignore them.


If Geminis hate someone, they will call them out on every possible occasion, including humiliating them on social media.


If Cancerians are around someone they hate, they would try their best not to react to whatever that person says or does and hope that they can get out of the situation quickly.


Leos will not hesitate to make their displeasure clear to the person they hate, in an unambiguous manner, either verbally or through body language.


Virgos value their time way too much to let someone’s ways bother them. A Virgo would simply behave as if the other person is invisible.


Libras would not hesitate to cut someone out of their life if they act nasty because they know that they can very easily replace them with anyone else.


If a Scorpio really hates someone they would rather tell them upfront as they are not the kind who would make an effort to be polite or politically correct.


Saggies wouldn’t see whom they hate or invite them to their place. They would just walk away peacefully and gracefully without getting into any petty arguments or messy fights.


If someone treats a Capricorn unfairly, they would not tolerate the injustice and boldly confront them on their misdeed.


Subtle behavioral changes appear when Aquarians are around someone they cannot stand, like a change in voice modulation, facial expressions, etc.


Pisceans can be very diplomatic when they hate someone. They would be very polite to them and would not let their hatred show in their behavior.