Honesty and transparency make a man desirable to you, as you want your man to be always upright.


A well-kept body with well-groomed looks is what makes a guy appealing to you, but their attitude sustains the attraction.


You're more attracted to intelligence and stimulating conversations than anything else, so the sharpness of mind is what you seek in men.


You appreciate a man's caring gestures and his affectionate nature makes him irresistible to you.


You want your man to be a head-turner who will make waves wherever he goes by his sheer charisma and personality.


Success and achievements are non-negotiable factors for you when you choose a man as a partner.


Looks, nature, style, and capabilities of a silver-screen hero are the traits that you look for in a man.


You have a secret dark side to your character, and you are only drawn to the men who reflect this quality.


You are into guys who play hard-to-get because you believe that anything that comes easy, goes easy.


You respond well to power and influence, and so only get attracted to men who are eminent in their fields.


You like geeks and nerds who are intelligent, knowledgable, and oddballs, because they are different.


You live in your fantasy world and dream of a hero straight out of a romance novel who will sweep you off your feet.