Words of Affirmation and Quality Time Shower them with compliments and spend time doing interesting activities with them.

Physical Touch and Gift Giving They love kisses, cuddles and hugs from loved ones and receiving exquisite gifts.

Words of Affirmation and Quality Time Have intelligent conversations and plan adventurous activities with them.

Acts of Service and Quality Time Be the yang to their yin, lend a helping hand and show how important they are in your life.

Gift Giving and Words of Affirmation Acknowledge their winning qualities and pamper them with compliments and surprise gifts.

Quality Time and Acts of Service Volunteer to do errands and spend intimate time with them so they let down their guard.

Gift Giving and Quality Time Sync in with their aesthetic vibe and choose visually appealing gifts and spend one-on-one time daily.

Physical Touch and Quality Time They crave affection and intimacy. Physical display of love is crucial. Be comfortable with their needs.

Quality Time and Words of Affirmation Experience with them all the exciting things they love doing and appreciate their vibrant personality.

Acts of Service and Gift giving Gift them something useful and practical and help them ease their workload.

Acts of Service and Words of Affirmation Appreciate their unusual ideas and join them in their endeavor to make the world a better place.

Quality Time and Acts of Service Make beautiful memories together that they can cherish throughout life and help them deal with their emotions.