TED Talk 1. Connection Through Compassion | Daniel Goleman

Dr. Goleman reminds us that compassionate decisions can be made on a daily basis.

TED Talk 2.  You Aren’t at the Mercy of Your Emotions - Your Brain Creates Them | Lisa Feldman Barett

Barrett sheds light upon the empowering nature of the science of emotions.

TED Talk 3.  How to practice Emotional Hygiene | Dr. Guy Winch

Emotional hygiene, like daily teeth brushing, helps conquer habits like rumination and negative self-talk.

TED Talk 4.  Emotional Mastery: The Gifted Wisdom of Unpleasant Feelings | Dr. Joan Rosenberg 

Dr. Joan's 'Rosenberg Reset' helps conquer emotions, enhancing self-confidence and emotional well-being by facing discomfort.

TED Talk 5.  The Power of Emotional Intelligence | Travis Bradberry

He emphasizes emotional intelligence's significance, highlighting managing stress, gratitude, sleep, and caffeine moderation

TED Talk 6.  6 Steps to Improve Your Emotional Intelligence | Ramona Hacker

Reflect, analyze emotions, accept as signals, trace origins, manage own emotions, and empathize with others.

TED Talk 7.  How We’ve Been Misled by Emotional Intelligence | Kris Girrell

He explores humanity's awakening to emotion through personal despair, delving into emotional intelligence's leadership importance.

TED Talk 8.  The Gift and Power of Emotional Courage | Susan David

Accurately labeling emotions and distancing oneself from them helps align personal values with actions by using emotions as data.

TED Talk 9.  The Three Secrets of Resilient People | Lucy Hone

Her message empowers and urges the need for emotional intelligence to be a part of our everyday lives.

TED Talk 10.  The People Currency: Practicing Emotional Intelligence | Jason Bridges 

He shares his personal story of how he built his E.Q after a traumatic brain injury.