It’s hard to find someone more dedicated than a BTS Army fan. These guys are super popular.

Harry Potter Fandom

The Harry Potter series ended long ago, but its fans still keep it alive with their continued love for the books and movies. 

Marvel Fandom

Ranging from raising funds to promoting diversity in media, MCU fans are extremely active on social media.

Star Wars Fandom

Star Wars fans organize events like Jedi Walks/Runs to raise money for sick children. 

Taylor Swift’s Swifties

One of the most loyal and most powerful fandom in the world in existence.

The Legend of Zelda Fandom

 Fans organize charity events with Greenpeace to demand change for environmental issues.

Naruto Fandom

The fans are so dedicated that they have fan works, discussions and even charity initiatives.

Game Of Thrones Fandom

It consists of people from all walks of life, and they’re not afraid to speak their minds. 

Pokémon Fandom

Pokémon fans are much more than just gamers – they’re a diverse group of lovers who fight for friendship.

Sherlock Fandom

These guys are the most powerful fandom in the world that have organized charity auctions.