LADY BIRD (2017)

A tender ode to girlhood, with Saoirse Ronan's luminous portrayal of Lady Bird's quest for independence and maternal bonds.

Thirteen (2003)

A whimsical tale of adolescent mischief, follows a rollercoaster ride through teen angst, rebellion, and self-discovery.

clueless (1995)

Adapting Jane Austen's 'Emma,' 'Clueless' captures Cher's chic high school journey, friendship, self-discovery, and '90s teen fashion in a delightful classic.

Blue Is the warmest color (2013)

A French film that beautifully captures the intensity and passion of first love between two young women.

Little Women (2010)

One of the one of the most contemporary films about girlhood and it provides a fresh take on the lives of the March sisters.

BARBIE (2023)

Barbie and Ken's idyllic Barbie Land life is disrupted when they embark into the real world, uncovering human ups and downs.

juno (2007)

This movie follows a story about a quirky teenager, Juno, who gets pregnant and decides to find a loving home for her baby.

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (2005)

This heartwarming film revolves around a group of four friends who spend their first summer apart but remain connected through a magical pair of jeans. 

Girlhood (2014)

This film a powerful exploration of the lives of Black teenage girls in the suburbs of Paris.

Jennifer's Body (2009)

This film combines horror with dark comedy, portraying the complexities of female friendships during adolescence.