1. Breathing Exercise

Purpose: Calming, Focus, Thought balancing Age: 3+ years.

HOW TO: – Choose a quiet space. – Have the child sit comfortably. – Adopt lotus position. – Close eyes, inhale,  exhale. – Observe breath. – Repeat 10 mins daily.

2. Mindful Listening

Purpose: Awareness, Focus, Hearing, Stress Relief Age: 4+ years.

HOW TO: – Blindfold your child. – Listen for sounds around. – Identify voices. – Use a bell or object to create sounds. – Focus on the sound's source. – Signal when the sound stops. – Calm down and concentrate. – Discuss the experience afterward.

3. What’s in the bag/box?

Purpose: Awareness, Identification, Sense of touch Age: 4+ years.

HOW TO: – Place objects in a bag or box. – Child reaches in without looking. – Identify objects by touch. – Use a timer for added fun!

4. Taste tEST

Purpose: Awareness, Identification, Sense of tASTE Age: 3+ years.

HOW TO: – Blindfold your child. – Gather 10 food items like cookies, fruits, cereals, etc. – Child tastes each item. – Guess the name of each food for extra fun!

 5. Name, place, animal, thing

Purpose:  Memory, Awareness, Knowledge, Focus Age: 6+ years.

HOW TO: – Grab a paper square. – Divide into 4: name, place, animal, thing. – Get alphabet chits in a bowl. – Pick a chit with an alphabet. – Write person, animal, thing, place with that letter. – Scoreboard: 5 points for each right answer. – Let's see how high your kid can score!

6. Nature Walk

Purpose: Awareness, Calmness, Appreciation of Nature, Cognitive Development Age: 5+ years.

HOW TO: – Visit a park. – Walk barefoot, feel the ground. – Observe and collect special things like flowers, leaves, rocks. – Count and mark trees. – Sit on grass or a rock. – Watch butterflies, listen to birds. – Feel grass, smell flowers. – Treasure the  nature finds!

7. Kindness Worksheet

Purpose: Empathy, Kindness, Social Skills, Confidence Age: 6+ years.

HOW TO: – Follow daily activities. – Spread smiles to neighbors. – Give hugs to parents. – Help old folks, friends. – Say "Thank you" – Keep surroundings clean. – Hold doors open. – Check off completed acts. – Count your kindness!

8. Planting a Tree

Purpose: Gratitude, Attentiveness, Caring, Kindness Age: 5+ years.

HOW TO: – Get a planter or DIY one. – Grab seeds from  veggies/fruits. – Plant them together in soil. – Water daily with your kid. – Track the plant's growth. – Watch your plant buddy thrive!

9. Sorting and Classifying

Purpose: Cognitive skill development, Focus, Motor skills Age: 4+ years.

HOW TO: – Cut paper into small notes. – Write letters, numbers, or draw pictures. – Mix and give them to your child. – Unfold and sort by type (letters, numbers, pics). – Make it a race or play music for added fun!

10. Block/Lego Building

Purpose: Color and shape identification, Attentiveness, Creativity Age: 2.5+ years.

HOW TO: – Grab colorful blocks or Legos. – Make patterns together! – Show them, then let them create. – Fun patterns, lots of giggles!

Try these playful mindfulness exercises for kids! Your child will shine with calmness, attention, and patience in all their adventure.

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