Explodes in a scary way.

You don’t usually start arguments, but you know how to end them. You can be impatient, violent, and volatile, especially when pushed past your limits.

Experiences a slow, boiling fury.

You're slow to anger, but disloyalty or inequality gets on your nerves. You hate wasting your energy on getting angry but when you do, you take a long time to calm down.

Escalates quickly and bites people’s heads off.

You may seem completely calm and centered when your words of anger cut others to the core. From being rude and sarcastic, it escalates to screaming, yelling, and throwing things.

Passive aggressive and a lot of crying.

If you feel unloved, unappreciated, or offended, you sulk, which then evolves into passive-aggressive behavior. If nothing works, you go into hiding.

Hurtful words along with venting out their emotions.

Just about anything can set you off, and when it does, you'll kick, scream, rant, rave, and throw things around the house to express your anger, making quite the spectacle.

Walking away from the argument.

You avoid confrontations and arguments because you aren’t very comfortable expressing your rage. You choose to let it out by distancing yourself from the situation.

Bottling up feelings until losing their cool.

You keep quiet and bottle everything up until you lose your cool. When angry words start flying around, you make a run for it, shouting a few choice words as you’re running off.

Goes quiet but seethes with anger inside.

You initially keep your anger on lockdown. Sometimes your only action is to chew them out in your mind. Other times, you quietly plan your next argument.

Gets extremely sarcastic.

The first sign of irritation before anger arises is overwhelming sarcasm. When you're angry, your conversation is probably just dripping with it.

Sulking and the cold shoulder treatment.

You express your anger by sulking and giving the cold shoulder. Ultimately, you lose your cool for a second and make a big fuss, but you get over it quickly.

Complete ignorance unless they have calmed down.

You hate pointless arguments with stubborn people. If you can’t avoid it, you feel cornered and explode out of sheer frustration. Then you'll cut them out of your life.

Starts crying out of frustration and anger.

If you're already having a bad day, you may explode. You're most likely to start crying out of frustration and anger, rather than flying into a rage.