They are emotionally intelligent and generally know how to keep their cool. They will exercise caution before letting their emotions out.

They don’t like to be emotional but they are. And when their emotions are hurt, Taurus cannot keep up their strong front anymore.

They are the master manipulator when it comes to showing their true emotions. They are practical enough to evaluate every situation and act accordingly.

Whether you like it or not, they are unabashed about their feelings and emotions. They are transparent and easily express their emotions when they get swayed by them.

They consider emotions as their fort of power. They are comfortable with their feelings and can play with them at their whim. Sometimes Leos express their emotions just for some attention.

They are a busy and practical lot. They don’t give a lot of value to their emotions. They will only express their genuine feelings only when they have no other choice.

Apparently not much but within themselves, they are always torn between several conflicting feelings. But they will acknowledge their emotions only when they deem it necessary.

No one knows for sure, as they always keep their emotions hidden behind a cool and calculative exterior. For them being vulnerable is a sign of weakness.

Initially, they will give away a vibe of authority but as you become a friend to them, they will open up more and more. They are confident in being vulnerable with their trusted allies only.

Emotions are a power game for them. They will not unleash their softer side unless they are convinced they will never lose the upper hand in the relationship dynamic.

They can flick their emotion switch on and off very easily. You will know only as much as they will share with you. They are selectively open and carefully vulnerable.

Though they can manage their emotions well, it becomes overwhelming for them when they are sad. They are also very much attuned to others’ emotions and that makes matter worse.