He wants a really romantic and equal relationship; pampering with gifts is something that should be occasional otherwise, it seems too materialistic.

Rather than lavish gifts and back rubs, he'll show his love by being incredibly supportive, caring, and responsible.

He will fulfill all your wishes and spoil you rotten with everything you desire.

He'll hold hands and love you dearly but pampering you all the time is something he isn't into; he reserves that for special occassions only.

You will always be the center of his attention and he will pamper you with a lot of gifts and fancy dinners instead of just physical attention.

He is a subtle romantic, so he will do things like opening doors for you, pulling out your chair, or come up with cute messages that made him think of you.

He will treat you with a lot of love, but he won't pamper you indulgently just because you demand it or expect it.

He won't pamper you a lot, but he will treat you as a goddess in bed, and also treat you as his equal.

He loves to have fun with you and be adventurous, and organizes many cute dates and spoils you with gifts occasionally.

He is big softy, and will worship you and bestow all the luxuries you deserve in life.

He will want to connect with you deeply, instead of just pampering you with gifts; he wants a meaningful and deep connection.

He is very romantic, so expect a lot of bouquets that hold a lot of meaning, fancy dinner dates, breakfast in bed, and sudden vacations.