Addiction: Tea/Coffee Whether at work or at home, Aries can easily lose track of the number of cups of coffee or tea they consume in a single day.

Addiction: Work Known for their strong work ethic, Taurus values nothing more than their job. To them, their work is a defining factor that helps them develop as an individual.

Addiction: Cigarettes Geminis often look forward to smoke breaks during work hours as a chance to take a breather and spend some quality time with themselves, as well as bond with co-workers and friends.

Addiction: Painkillers Exploring the hidden addiction of each zodiac sign, we find that Cancer’s sensitivity often leads them to rely on painkillers to soothe their nerves.

Addiction: Shopping When it comes to the biggest addiction of each zodiac sign, Leo’s obsession with being the center of attention can often manifest in their shopping habits.

Addiction: Toxic Relationships Virgo fears losing the person they are in love with; and, this often turns out to be the reason behind their sadness as they cling on to their toxic partners.

Addiction: Social Media For Libra, social media is not just a means of staying connected with friends and family, it’s a way of life that they cannot live without.

Addiction: Intimacy A Scorpio is definitely romantic and passionate, and their passion for intimacy often turns into an addiction. They are known for their sexual dexterity.

Addiction: Adventure If you want to embark on an adventure, just ask a Sagittarius! Their energy levels are unmatched, and they never hold back when it comes to adrenaline-pumping activities.

Addiction: Food When it comes to satisfying their taste buds, Capricorns are known to be the most passionate of all the zodiac signs. They love food and have a great appetite for trying new delicacies.

Addiction: Video Games / Books Aquarius is known to have a creative and imaginative mind, and this is reflected in their love for reading and gaming.

Addiction: Romance Pisces is a true romantic at heart and loves nothing more than spending some quality time with their partner. Pisces prefers to indulge in more traditional forms of romance.