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Zodiac Signs While Making Plans

Zodiac Signs While Making Plans

Zodiac Signs While Making Plans –

ARIES: Is always very late or very early

TAURUS: Their 10-year plan is to move to the woods and finally get serious

GEMINI: Cancels on you last-minute

CANCER: Takes it personally if you don’t show up when you say you will

LEO: Starts planning their next birthday party the day after their birthday

VIRGO: Schedules time to wild out and go off schedule

LIBRA: Keeps their options open until forced to commit to something

SCORPIO: Leaves you in the dark about whether they’ll show up or not

SAGITTARIUS: Plans are more like guidelines

CAPRICORN: Is booked until 2024

AQUARIUS: Doesn’t like to cage their desires

PISCES: Has six marriage pacts in case they’re single at age 40

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