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Zodiac Signs When Tired

Zodiac Signs When Tired

Zodiac Signs When Tired

Aries: Sighs loudly to scare people off, they won’t talk to them.  

Taurus: Eats pop tart, looks at everyone with rage and murder in their eyes.  

Gemini: This is my 12th Cup of Coffee! Sips coffee, passes out.  

Cancer: Slips sun glasses on face, leans head back, passes out instantly.  

Leo: Sleeping in their bed because they don’t fucking care!  

Virgo: Cleans entire house to try to stay awake, passes out from the fumes!  

Libra: Sobs. I just wanna take a nap. Lies head down. This is a good spot.  

Scorpio: Thinking only of murder and coffee.  

Sagittarius: Talks 5 hour rant, that makes no sense to anyone but them.  

Capricorn: Acting normal cause they’re always tired.  

Aquarius: Mentions how tired they are every 5 minutes.  

Pisces: Like Capricorn, acts normal since they’re always tired, laughs at the other signs.


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