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Zodiac Signs When They Cry

Zodiac Signs When They Cry

Zodiac Signs When They Cry –

ARIES: Crying harder out of anger over the fact that they’re crying

TAURUS: Feeling like they’re holding the whole world on their back

GEMINI: Deflecting with bad humor

CANCER: Practicing self-soothing in the shower

LEO: Lighting candles and putting on a playlist to set the mood

VIRGO: Mistaking the intensity of their feelings for a physical ailment

LIBRA: Wondering what else there is to do alone in their room besides rearrange it over and over

SCORPIO: Cursing themselves for their moment of weakness

SAGITTARIUS: Looking at how cheap plane tickets are right now

CAPRICORN: Blaming it on spring pollen

AQUARIUS: Getting over it two minutes later

PISCES: Misconstruing their own tendency to isolate as a sign that everyone has forgotten about them

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