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Zodiac Signs Warning Label For Dating

Zodiac Signs Warning Label For Dating

Zodiac Signs Warning Label For Dating

ARIES: Will charm your pants off

TAURUS: Tread carefully; one misstep could be fatal

GEMINI: You’ll never have their full attention

CANCER: Delicate: handle with extreme care at all times

LEO: Thrives on validation-feed compliments frequently

VIRGO: Tidy on the surface but turbulent on the inside

LIBRA: Adores you today but might be over you tomorrow

SCORPIO: Gets attached more quickly than you’d think

SAGITTARIUS: Positivity does not imply naïveté

CAPRICORN: Will walk all over you in conversation if you let them

AQUARIUS: Isn’t annoyed with you, just always looks blasé

PISCES: Don’t engage if unprepared to confront your feelings

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