Zodiac Signs That Square Each Other

who square each other

Who Square Each Other?

Aries/Cancer – Cardinal fire and cardinal water (Lightning and Water)

Cancer/Libra – Cardinal Water and Cardinal Air (Water and Smoke)

Libra/Capricorn – Cardinal Air and Cardinal Earth (Smoke and Mud)

Capricorn/Aries – Cardinal Earth and Cardinal Fire (Mud and Lightening)

Taurus/Leo – Fixed Earth and Fixed Fire (rock and lava)

Leo/Scorpio – Fixed Fire and Fixed Water (lava and ice)

Scorpio/Aquarius – Fixed Water and Fixed Air (ice and cloud)

Aquarius/Taurus – Fixed Air and Fixed Earth (cloud and rock)

Gemini/Virgo – Mutable Air and Mutable Earth (wind and sand)

Virgo/ Sagittarius – Mutable Earth and Mutable Fire (sand and fire)

Sagittarius/Pisces – Mutable Fire and Mutable Water (fire and mist)

Pisces/Gemini – Mutable Water and Mutable Air (mist and wind)
-(source: “All Around the Zodiac” by Bil Tierney)


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