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Zodiac Signs Sorted Into Harry Potter Houses

Harry Potter houses

Zodiac Signs Sorted Into Harry Potter Houses –

ARIES: Gryffindor, because they’ll do anything on a dare

TAURUS: Hufflepuff, because they’re patient and loyal

GEMINI: Slytherin, because they’re two-faced, but also Ravenclaw, because they read

CANCER: Hufflepuff, but Slytherin when pushed to their limit

LEO: The ideal Gryffindor archetype

VIRGO: Pure Ravenclaw

LIBRA: Hufflepuff, because they’re suck-ups

SCORPIO: Slytherin, because they’ll use all kinds of manipulation to get to the top

SAGITTARIUS: Will probably tell you their theory about how they belong in every house

CAPRICORN: Slytherin, because they only care about ambition

AQUARIUS: Ravenclaw, but only because of their plethora of knowledge on one very niche subject

PISCES: Vacillates between Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw depending on their mental state

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