Zodiac Signs Positive And Negative Traits

Zodiac Signs Positive and Negative Traits

Their Positive And Negative Traits

Belongs to the top tier, no exception.

  1. Aquarius women
  2. Virgo women
  3. Taurus women
  4. Sagittarius men
  5. Libra women

Will like to confront, discuss things while being an emotional person, but very faithful and loyal

  1. Sagittarius women
  2. Leo women
  3. Libra men
  4. Cancer women
  5. Leo men
  6. Pisces women
  7. Aries women

Stubborn, wants things their way if not will get upset. Has roller-coaster ride relationships whether it’s friends or soulmates.

  1. Capricorn women
  2. Capricorn men
  3. Pisces men
  4. Gemini women
  5. Aries men
  6. Scorpio women

A loner. Gets hated on because of his zodiac sign, but doesn’t give af.

  1. Gemini men

Toxic. Just stay away. Horrible and always plays victim. Will be good fuck buddies though.

  1. Cancer men
  2. Aquarius men
  3. Taurus men
  4. Scorpio men
  5. Virgo men

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