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Zodiac Signs On Boundaries

Zodiac Signs On boundaries

Zodiac Signs On Boundaries

ARIES: Treats a boundary like a finish line

TAURUS: Digs a moat around their most intimate self and only lets one person cross the draw-bridge at a time

GEMINI: “You’re not allowed to date anyone I’ve ever heard of, but I’ll sleep with your best friend if I’m bored enough”

CANCER: “Treat me like literal dirt, but if you fuck with my best friend, I’ll kill you”

LEO: “Do not approach me unless you worship me”

VIRGO: “I know exactly when I’m giving too much of myself, but I’m happy to do it anyway”

LIBRA: “Never heard of them”

SCORPIO: A million little trip wires

SAGITTARIUS: Will use international borders to keep intimacy at bay

CAPRICORN: “Ah yes, per the terms of our legal agreement”

AQUARIUS: “Boundaries imply ownership, and nobody owns me, not even myself”

PISCES: “We’re all a part of the same collective unconscious anyway”

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