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Zodiac Signs Misconceptions About Love

Misconceptions About Love

Zodiac Signs Misconceptions About Love –

ARIES: Letting someone into your life means sacrificing your independence.

TAURUS: You don’t have to search for love, it will just come to you.

GEMINI: Opposites attract, therefore you should date people you have nothing in common with.

CANCER: Falling out of love means you were never actually in love.

LEO: Love means someone loving you, not the other way around.

VIRGO: You can only ever truly love “The One”.

LIBRA: Even healthy conflict means the relationship is doomed.

SCORPIO: Affection should be awarded and withheld like a prize.

SAGITTARIUS: Love is always going to be a whirlwind.

CAPRICORN: Being single while others partner up means you’re ‘behind’.

AQUARIUS: It’s not for you.

PISCES: Everything in the world is worthy of your love.

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