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Zodiac Signs Meaning Behind “Sorry I’m Late, Traffic Was Terrible”

Zodiac Signs Meaning Behind Sorry Im Late Traffic Was Terrible

Zodiac Signs Meaning Behind “Sorry I’m Late, Traffic Was Terrible” –

ARIES: Just really didn’t want to be early

TAURUS: Had a hard time leaving the warmth of their bed

GEMINI: You’re lucky they decided to show up at all

CANCER: Was reminiscing to a song and had to replay it a full ten times

LEO: Stopped to get a smoothie on the way because self-care

VIRGO: Triple-booked themselves

LIBRA: Couldn’t decide which socks to wear

SCORPIO: Thinks showing up late is a power move

SAGITTARIUS: Ran into a total stranger and jumped at the chance to tell their whole life story

CAPRICORN: Refused to go above the speed limit

AQUARIUS: Doesn’t believe time is linear anyway

PISCES: Lost track of time literally staring into space

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