The Secret Kissing Style Of Each Zodiac Sign

The Secret Kissing Style Of Each Zodiac Sign

7. Sagittarius

They will tease you and often leave you cold. They are a tricky sign to date as a whole as they are NOT cut out for long-term intimacy. So, if things heat up, make sure to enjoy it like it is your last time with them. And they are fiery and do not hold back their guns at all.

8. Cancer

Cancer spells “D-A-D-D-Y’, believe us when we say this. They will hold you up against things and bite your lower lip enough to leave a tiny hickey; just a little souvenir from the night for you. But they are also really tender after and will constantly reassure you with forehead kisses and hand-holding.

Pro tip: one of the best signs to date.

9. Pisces

If your connection clicks and they actually like you, expect sloppiness from them. This is because they really give in to the moment and the emotions that come with it, not holding love and affection back at all.

It is all emotions with them. So, remember, whatever time you think you should spend on foreplay, triple it.

10. Libra

Soft, shy, and quick stolen kisses. That is their game. Kiss them when and where they least expect it and you shall be fine.

Pro tip: really great sign to date if you want something long-term because they go emotionally all-out.

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11. Capricorns

They like nibbling a lot. It is like the spice in the case of Aries but watered down. They too have a high E.Q. factor working and require good mental connections going to get their engines running.

12. Aquarius

They will breathe every bit of you in even when they are kissing. It is quite a whole-body experience.

Pro tip: let your hands go haywire. It will help them relax.
Thank us later. You know where to find us!

So, these are all the zodiac signs and their secret kissing style. Let us know in the comments below, which zodiac sign you belong to!

If you want to know more about the zodiac signs’ secret kissing style, then check out this video below:

The Secret Kissing Style Of Each Zodiac Sign pin
The Secret Kissing Style Of Each Zodiac Sign
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