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Zodiac Signs In Middle School

Zodiac Signs In Middle School

Zodiac Signs In Middle School –

ARIES: Got the most A’s and the most detentions for talking in class

TAURUS: Walked the mile during P.E. while gossiping with your BFF

GEMINI: Dared everybody at the sleepover to go on Omegle

CANCER: Ate lunch in the cool English teacher’s classroom

LEO: Filmed music videos with feather boas and original choreography

VIRGO: Broke your moral code to let your crush copy your homework

LIBRA: Convinced yourself you had a unibrow and shaved off way too much from the middle

SCORPIO: Agonized over which pop-punk lyric to set as your status

SAGITTARIUS: Told everyone you had a boyfriend who went to another school

CAPRICORN: Felt guilty when your teacher yelled at the class even though you’d behaved perfectly

AQUARIUS: Rebelled by wearing combat boots with your uniform

PISCES: Asked to go to the bathroom just so you could wander the halls until class was over

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